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It is precisely. The kiai or spirit cry as it is sometimes referred to occurs only at certain pre determined moments in each kata.

Kata History Pt 2

Virtually all of the katas taught today in the shotokan system have two kiai points.

Kata wankan karate shotokan. The most popular image associated with kata is that of a karate practitioner performing a series of punches and kicks in the air. The kata are executed as a specified series of approximately 20 to. Aus der dvd 26 shotokan kata von efthimios karamitsos.

Auf dieser dvd werden alle katas auch in langsamer ausfuhrung und teilweise auch mit detailansichten gezeigt. Zu beziehen ist die dvd zb. Wankan kings crown like jiin is the other kata that no longer is an official jka kata although this kata is still quite widely practised throughout the world.

The kata wankan is a little unique. First of all it is extremely short compared to most of the advanced shotokan kata and secondly it has only one kiai compared to the two kiai of every other. Kings crown or emperors crown also called okan is a kata practiced in many styles of karate.

Not much is known about the history of this kata. It originates from the tomari te school and in modern karate is practiced in shorin ryu shotokan genseiryu and matsubayashi ryu. I dont know if gigo invented the shotokan wankan but ive just discovered he is certainly credited with inventing matsukaze no kon.

A shotokan bo staff kata. At the risk of stating the obvious the style shotokan gets its name from the funakoshis dojo. Funakoshi was a poet and wrote under the pen name of shoto pine waves.

Wankan is one of the shortest katas in the shotokan system and with its rather uncommon steps and moves it is harder to learn than it seems. It is difficult to stay balanced during the neko ashi dachi turns and also difficult not to tense up during the mae geri oi. Wankan okan or matsukaze is an advanced shotokan kata.

Not much is known about the history of this kata. Some researchers believe it to be a kata formed by members of the okinawan royal family hence its name while other belive it to have originated from teachers in the tomari te school. Shotokan karate is comprised of 26 katas each with their own emphasis on fast and slow or controlled and powerfull movements.

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